The T.E.C Foundation

Right from the get go, T.E.C's vision has been to properly make the most of what is currently being under-utilized in the construction industry. That simply put is 'Systems'. Today's technology allows us to easily and efficiently implement streamlined systems to ensure improved and consistent outcomes for clients


Our implemented systems help us achieve the following:

  • Improves overall customer satisfaction by offering great communication and consistent results

  • Reduces our 're-work' and remedial costs by ensuring things are done correctly first time

  • Tracking our cash-flow and P&L more accurately to ensure we can invest in opportunities to improve our systems further

  • Abilities to keep our clients up to date with site progress and any issues that we foresee

  • More reliable quotation and variation changes, presented, tracked and executed with great transparency

  • Reduce overheads to keep the business lean in overheads, reducing office staff requirements, allowing us to pass those cost savings onto our clients

  • It stops jobs falling through the cracks as all are tracked, once entered into the system, they follow a simple flow chart to get from job creating to job completion

  • QA forms offer our builders piece of mind, that each stage has been checked and signed off. This ensures first fix is completed 100% before lining starts

  • Multi-staged processes ensure faults and errors are caught at the earliest possible time


At T.E.C, we aim to be equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure that your job is completed to a high standard at an efficient speed. It makes our job easier, and the finished result better. Our vans are also stocked with essentials to make sure that our trips to the wholesaler are reduced and that we can complete the work to the best standard.

We have an exceptionally high standard of work, ensuring the entire installation is neat, correct and we even clean up after ourselves! We are huge on pride and consider our quality of work to be our signature of this.


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