Smart Homes for Beginners

Not all may be as it seems with a smart home, often the most useful automation's are the simplest. When we work with our clients, it is a collaboration between all parties involved, to ensure the best outcome. Frequently, our clients have thought of installing a smart system to their home, only to be overwhelmed by the complexity usually pitched by Smart Home Specialists that only a tech guru could understand or be bothered with.

Smart Home is perhaps the wrong terminology to use at times. The aim of a smart home should really be to achieve an 'Easy Home', using the smarts to make your life easier and more convenient. In today's world, every minute counts, the years are going quicker, the days are going faster. Your home needs to fit to your lifestyle. This could mean something as simple as opening the blinds in the morning on a schedule, to save you those few precious minutes in the morning. It could also mean something more complex such as ensuring your coffee is hot, the lights are on and the TV is on the news channel, for your morning wake up.

Not all items are smart, or can be smart. Make sure to discuss with us the ideal scenario's and scenes to make your life better. This means we can make sure you are buying the correct appliances to achieve this, such as coffee machines, blinds, TVs, Stereos, Fridges, Washing Machines etc. To have everything work in unison, all appliances involved need to be able to mesh correctly with the core system and talk to one another.

Levels of automation are different from product to product. There is a large market for automation now, with the market saturated with DIY and professional options. To ensure that you are not left with an obsolete product, ensure you opt for a system that has a long history. Time and time again we have seen products come and go, leaving the home owner with an irreparable solution, resulting in wasted money. Basic DIY options are great if you are just trying to achieve one function, such using Ring from Amazon for your doorbell and CCTV, Philips Hue for lighting control, or SONOS for home theatre and multi-room Audio. Getting all these systems to work together from one app, can prove to be difficult.

To tie all these together into one usable system you need a controller such as Control4, Savant or Fibaro. These all have different price points with different degrees of stability. At T.E.C, we support and use Control4, with a good track record in NZ and excellent product support, this to date, has had the best functionality for our clients.

Check out what Control4 is capable of right here

Here is some awesome scene possibilities to get your imagination to start flowing, all of these function flows can be operated from the press of one button:

Movie Scene:

Lights Dim Down, Blinds Go Down, TV Turns On, TV Opens Netflix, Home Theatre System Turns On, Air Conditioning Reduces Temperature, Lazy Boys Recline, Gas Fire Turns On Low.

Dining Scene:

Kitchen Lights to Full Brightness, Dining Table Pendant Dim to 50%, Dining Room and Kitchen Speakers Play Jazz Playlist at Low Level, Shade Blinds Drop to 50%, Oven Turns On at 220Deg, TV Set to Art Mode.

Pool Party Scene:

Garden Lights On, Pool Lights On, Outdoor Speakers Play 80's Hits Music at Medium Level, Interior of House Dims to 30%, Outdoor Gas Fire Turns On.

Good Morning Scene:

6.30am Scene Automatic Mon-Fri, 6.30am Lights Ramp Up from 0% to 60% Over 15 Minutes, 6.40am Bedroom Speakers Play 'The Sound' Radio Station at Low Volume, 6.45am Coffee Machine Turns On, 6.50am Blinds in Bedroom Raise, 6.55am Kitchen Speakers Play 'The Sound' Radio Station at Low Volume, 7.00am Lounge and Kitchen Blinds Raise Full, 7.10am Garage Door and Gate Open for 15 Minutes.

As you can see above, you have a world of possibilities when you overlay standard everyday items with a smart system, hopefully this has given you enough inspiration for you to start planning your everyday world of smart home intelligence!

If you have any questions about living in an easy home, talk to T.E.C today

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