February 23, 2023

20 EV Abbreviations you need to know

Here are 20 Electric Vehicle abbreviations that every electric vehicle owner should know

  1. EVSE - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (The technical term for electric vehicle charger)
  2. V2G - Vehicle to Grid Supply (Feeding the electrical grid from a car battery, similar to a solar battery)
  3. TWC - Tesla Wall Connector (Tesla's version of an EVSE)
  4. kW - Kilowatts (Typically the speed of the charger or size of the battery, a measure of energy)
  5. RCD - Residual Current Device (Electrocution protection via leakage measurements, sometimes called earth leakage protection)
  6. L2 - Level 2 Charging (Hardwired AC charging, typically between 3.6kW and 22kW often found in on-wall EVSE's, utilising the car on-board charger)
  7. L3 - Level 3 Charging (Hardwired DC charging, typically between 25kW and 300kW often found in retail car parks, referred to as fast-charging, bypasses the car on-board charger and goes directly to the battery pack)
  8. Type B -  DC Backflow Protection (Additional Add-On to the RCD, protects from any DC power back-feeding from the battery pack due to electrical faults within the car, a standard RCD will only protect from AC faults)
  9. IP - International Protection Rating (An International ingress protection rating, usually concerning water, exterior chargers should be rated to above IP55)
  10. RFID - Radio Frequency Identification (A radio wave ID traditionally used to unlock an EVSE or associate a charging session to a client account)
  11. CHAdeMO - Charge de Move (The first iteration of DC fast charging used in older cars, sadly no longer used in the latest iteration of EVs as its fun to say)
  12. CCS  - Combined Charging System (The standard DC fast charge port used on most modern EV's including BMW, Tesla AU and Nissan)
  13. ICE - Internal Combustion Engine (The old dated technology of burning fuel to generate mechanical energy, the main competition for electric vehicles)
  14. PPS - Perpetual Parking System (The system used in Tesla's to pay for parking by charging the battery)
  15. BEV - Battery Electric Vehicle (An electric vehicle utilising a battery pack to move the car)
  16. PHEV - Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (A hybrid vehicle with plug-in capabilities that has an engine and a battery but can also be plugged in to charge the battery from the grid)
  17. T1 -   Type 1 (The name of the electrical plug used to charge most generation one electric vehicles, often coupled with a CHAdeMO inlet for faster charging options)
  18. T2 - Type 2 (A European style of electrical plug that has three pins, additional communication pins and an earth pin, also known as the Mennekes plug, the Type 2 plug has superseded the Type 1 plug)
  19. OBC - On-Board Charger (The internal charger, handles the conversion from AC input to DC input inside the car, the size of this unit is often dependants on the size of the battery in the car)
  20. EV - Electric Vehicle (A motor vehicle that is powered by an electric motor. Just for good measure, we thought that we had better put this in to save any confusion)