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All good ideas are derived from somewhere. For T.E.C, this is that somewhere. Have a good look through our galleries below for some inspiration on your build. All images that are on these galleries are 100% achievable.

We are here to make any of your electrical ideas or dreams come true

Bathroom and En-Suite

Make your bathroom come alive with LED Strip lighting embed in coves, niches, under vanities, and behind mirrors. High CRI Lighting will bring marble tiles to life and provide the best experience when applying makeup to ensure true colour rendering. Check out our board for inspiration.  

Kitchen and Scullery

Clean lines and discreet fittings are key in kitchens. Gone are the days of having a compulsory pendant above the island. Pendants can look great in a kitchen but are a hanging feature so make sure to put time and effort into finding something that is a showpiece. LED Strips under overhead cabinets can give fantastic task lighting that is very discreet when turned off. Check out our board for inspiration. 

Exterior and Garden

The exterior of the house and the garden is often the first thing yourself and others see when arriving home and leaving, so when this is in the evening, make sure the arrival and departure from your home is the best it can be with wall washing and garden lighting, all LED to ensure running costs are almost non-existent. Check out our board for inspiration. 

Stairwell and Hallway

A commonly forgotten area of the home, the stairwell and hallway seem to be the last areas spoken about when designing a home, but it's easy to forget the stairwell and hallway are often the first things you will see when you walk through the front door. Hallways offer a fantastic opportunity to display artwork and feature pieces, illuminated with High CRI Fittings to ensure all of the colours pop. Check out our board for inspiration.  

Garage and Rumpus

Often the designated cave, the garage is the most versatile space in the home. Whether it is storing the luxury car or used as a workshop for weekend projects, it is important to ensure that all possibilities are considered when designing the electrical layout of a garage and rumpus. Life is changing consistently, the garage might be for the car this year but for a home theatre next year. Talk to us about future-proofing this space and for more inspiration check out our board. 

Bedroom and Wardrobe

The room that you will spend the most time in is the bedroom, most of it with your eyes closed. LED Lighting is available that can assist with sleep by removing the blue light that stimulates us and can be used to set calming moods to relax you into a perfect nights sleep. During day times, the perfectly placed LED lighting can really make your room feel special and take it to the next level. Check out our board for inspiration. 

Miscellaneous and Wish List

Ever wondered what you could do with an unlimited budget? Or perhaps the other inspiration boards are not quite what you are looking for? Check out this board for wish list items and other miscellaneous items we thought were worth sharing.

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